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Fall & Medical Alert System

Live alone, but have a chronic illness such as epilepsy or diabetes? Or just less steady on your feet and nervous about a fall? This automatic alert system gives you extra reassurance and protection in case something should happen. That’s because the pendant in this package automatically generates a call to the Response Centre if it detects a fall. There’s no need to worry about getting to a phone or pressing a button. Lightweight and versatile, it has a number of wearing options, so help is always right with you, if and when you need it.

  • Base Alarm Unit (leased)
  • Intelligent Fall Detector (purchased)
  • Instant Help 24/7
  • 24hr Monitoring Service
  • Set-up Assistance

$198 Fall detector purchase + $43.00 per month + delivery/installation

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  • 24/7 Monthly Monitoring Service
  • Fall & Alert Pendant
Benefit from a safer home

What are the benefits of an Automatic Fall & Medical Alert system?
First and foremost, installing our state-of-the-art system at home helps older people who live on their own to feel that their safety and wellbeing is taken care of. And of course, for family members who can’t be with them all the time, it provides the peace of mind that goes with knowing they have immediate 24-hour access to emergency help if it’s needed.

The Automatic Fall & Medical Alert option is particularly suited to:

  • People living with limited mobility
  • Older people with a history of falls
  • People living with a disability
  • People living with medical conditions such as epilepsy or diabetes
  • People who have been discharged from hospital and require additional support
Fall and Medical Alert
On-call 24/7: How it works

The Automatic Fall & Medical Alert system comes with an Intelligent Pendant which can sense if you have fallen and automatically raises the alarm with the Response Centre.  Here’s what to expect:

  1. The pendant detects you’ve had a fall
  2. The Response Centre receives an alert
  3. You will be contacted by an operator via the Base alarm unit
  4. After this contact, your operator will take the best course of action to ensure your safety and wellbeing
  5. If you can’t or don’t communicate, the operator will immediately follow established protocols to make sure you receive appropriate help.

You can also use the manual button to call for help if you:

  • Feel unwell
  • Fall
  • Feel unsafe in the home
  • Need emergency help

Your pendant provides positive confirmation when an alert is generated. If you accidentally alert the Response Centre, don’t worry. Just tell them it was a false alarm; they will be glad you are okay. As we always say, better safe than sorry.

Fall and Medical Alert System
Easy to use

The Intelligent Pendant is simple to use and has these key features:

  • Positive confirmation indicator to let the user know a fall has been registered
  • Cancellation facility reducing the number of false calls
  • Water resistant to IP67 standard so the pendant can be worn in the bathroom
  • Automatic low battery warnings to ensure optimum operation at all times

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  • Fall Sensor: Alerts the Monitoring Centre automatically should you have a fall and can’t activate the alert.
  • 24/7 Assistance: Connected to Tunstall’s 24/7 Response Centre ensuring help is always available.

"With my back issues I knew I was susceptible to falls and if I wanted to stay living at home I would need an alert of some kind. My automatic fall detector from White Lion Alerts has been just the ticket. With it I know that if I fall, help will be on the way and with the key safe I have reassurance that my home will not be damaged by those that need to get in to help me. Thank you White Lion Alerts."

Barbara - Camberwell