Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does White Lion Alerts offer?

    White Lion Alerts offers fully monitored personal care alerts to help maintain independent living.

  • What are the components of the White Lion Alerts system?

    The White Lion Alerts system is comprised of:

    1. An in home base alarm unit
    2. One or more detectors
    3. Monitoring
  • How do I wear the detector?

    Two types of detectors are available; a detector that is activated manually and can be worn as a pendant or on the wrist and a detector that can be worn as a pendant, brooch or on a belt clip which is activated automatically should a fall occur, or manually if needed.

  • Can you get a wrist worn Automatic Fall Detector?

    There is a new range of fall detectors coming soon which can be worn on the wrist.

  • What is a fully monitored service?

    The White Lion Alerts fully monitored service means there is a dedicated team of medically trained professionals on call 24/7 who will respond should an alarm be raised. Many systems in the market are un-monitored and rely on auto-diallers ringing phone numbers of family and friends who may not be near their phone or in a position to answer. With the White Lion Alerts fully monitored service, the trained professionals at the Tunstall response centre will always answer and will wait on the line talking to you until help arrives.

  • What if I haven't fallen but I need help?

    The White Lion Alerts system has a button to push if you feel scared or sick and need help of any kind…this is not just a falls service

  • What if there is a false alarm?

    Once the alarm is set off, the WHITE LION ALERTS monitoring service will make contact with you. If it is a false alarm, the operator just checks that everything is okay. There is no extra charge no matter how many times you call.

  • Can I wear it in the shower?

    The shower and bathroom are high-risk areas for falls. The detectors are waterproof and designed to be worn in wet areas.

  • Can I wear it outside?

    There is a radius of up to 50m under ideal conditions. Although not designed for outdoor use, there will be some limited coverage. The extent of coverage should be tested at the time of installation. We have a gps watch coming soon that will allow you to leave the home and still feel safe and protected.

  • Can I wear it when I go walking?

    The White Lion Alerts system is designed for home use, and limited coverage may extend outside the home. The extent of coverage should be tested at the time of installation. We have a gps watch coming soon that will allow you to leave the home and still feel safe and protected.

  • What if I no longer need the service?

    Unfortunately some elderly people are not able to sustain independent living even with aids such as the White Lion Alerts system. In this event, just let us know and simply return the equipment at least two weeks prior to the next invoice date to avoid additional charges.

  • What costs are associated with a White Lion Alerts System?

    There are two components which make up the costs of a White Lion Alerts system; An initial charge which covers delivery (this can be either a self-install cost or a premium delivery/installation charge) and an ongoing monthly charge which covers the rental of the equipment and the monitoring service.

  • Is all the equipment leased?

    The base alarm unit, the automatic fall detector and one manually operated detector are all rented. If additional manually operated detectors are required they are purchased.

  • Is installation hard?

    The base alarm unit is plugged into any convenient electrical socket where there is adequate mobile 3G signal strength and can be done by the individual or a carer.

  • Where does White Lion Alerts source the components of its system?

    The products and services which White Lion Alerts provide are proudly sourced from Tunstall Healthcare, a company selected for its quality products and exceptional care and service.

  • Are there other components that White Lion Alerts recommends?

    White Lion Alerts recommends the purchase of a keysafe, a device which allows you to secure your key outside your house. A keysafe will enable quick access to your premises by emergency personnel. No need to break windows or damage your property.

  • How long do the batteries in the automatic fall detector last?

    Batteries in the automatic fall detector generally last 6 months. They are standard lithium batteries and easily changed by the user.

  • How do I know when the battery goes flat in the detector?

    The automatic fall detector will emit a low battery warning. White Lion Alerts recommends changing your automatic fall detector batteries when you change those in your smoke alarm. The manually operated detector will automatically send a notification call via the base alarm unit to the monitoring centre when its battery is low.

  • Can we look at the units?

    Arrangements can be made to view the units by appointment. Please see our “contact us” page.

If you cannot find your answer here, feel free to get in touch with us. We are more than happy to help.