Our Medical Alert Systems are always there for you

Make sure you or your loved ones have round-the-clock access to help in emergencies with White Lion Alerts. Both our automatic fall detection and medical alert systems offer rapid assistance from highly trained Response Centre operators. Whether you’re worried about falling, feeling unwell or feeling unsafe at home, we’re always there for you.

Fall and Medical Alert1

Automatic Fall & Medical Alert System

Sometimes it’s not always possible to press a button or reach a phone for help in an emergency. This system features an intelligent fall detector which, should a fall occur, automatically alerts a Response Centre operator to call to check on your condition and if necessary arrange immediate help.


Medical Alert System

This advanced medical alarm uses digital technology so you can request help anytime, from anywhere in your home. By pressing the button, you will be connected directly with a Response Centre operator who can assess your situation, reassure you and provide the assistance you need.

Fall & Medical Alert Watch

The next generation Fall & Medical Alert Watch with GPS tracking and fall detection.

The Fall & Medical Alert Watch reduces the risk to an individual by alerting trained response operators of their location when in need of assistance.

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How Does a Medical Alert System Work?

White Lion Alerts uses Tunstall monitoring services to ensure that those who experience an accident are contacted immediately. Tunstall provides 24/7 support from its Response Centre – because an accident can happen at any moment. If a fall does occur, our fall devices will detect it and notify the Tunstall response centre. Otherwise, users can simply press a button to be put in contact with an operator who will dispatch help if it’s needed.

We’re proud to work with Tunstall in providing exceptional care through our fall alert systems. White Lion Alerts’ fall detection and medical alert system offers a choice of 2 packages that provide immediate assistance.