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Tunstall 24/7 Monitoring

By White Lion Alerts

Tunstall’s monitoring service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. With Tunstall’s state-of-the-art call-handling platform they are one of the few monitoring centres with the capacity to immediately transfer calls between Australian and New Zealand operations.

This solution ensures that Tunstall’s life-saving services are always available in the event of unforeseen technical or environment outages.


How 24/7 monitoring works

When a medical alarm ‘call for assistance’ is activated, the response operator accesses the Tunstall call-handling platform PNC to understand who the caller is, where they live, any major medical conditions they have, who should be contacted in an emergency and what device has activated the medical alarm.
In an emergency the Tunstall response operator will speak with the client and discuss their condition and what action needs to be taken; such as a family member or friend contacted, after-hours doctor organised or emergency service to be called. The operator will stay on the line with the client until help arrives.

About the Tunstall Care Consultants

Tunstall provide exceptional service and ensure that all clients receive the right response. The Tunstall care consultants are highly-skilled operators and will always listen, treat clients with respect and courtesy, and ask how they can best help. Operators will always stay on the line providing reassurance until help arrives and are highly skilled at handling emergency situations, being compassionate and empathetic to clients in need and more than happy to say hello to clients in need of a friendly voice.

In addition to the friendly and highly skilled emergency services, Tunstall can also offer daily welfare calls to check on clients’ wellbeing, remind clients to take medication or offer peace of mind to carers and family who may have to travel away for a period of time.

Each day the client presses their pendant to advise the response centre that they are ok. If they have not activated an alarm call by an established time, then an operator will phone their home to check on their wellbeing. If the client fails to answer the call then the response operator will follow set protocols to arrange help.

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